The Password Management Tool below allows Infor partners who have an Infor Partner Network account to reset their password to access Infor sites. Our goal is to make it easier for partners to do business with Infor, regardless of their level, type, geography or product sold. An Infor Partner Network account can be requested by logging your request into Xtreme support at

Infor Partner Network account enabled sites

Global Demo Environment Portal ›

Visit the GDE Portal to gain knowledge about the Infor demo environments, request an environment or demo support, and access documentation for demonstrations.

Sales Portal Details ›

This is where you’ll find all marketing materials and dedicated resources integral to successful selling. It includes brochures, customer case studies, campaign collateral, competitive intelligence, software demos, press releases, analyst information, and more.

Infor Campus ›

Your unified education platform includes role-based learning assessments, reports for certification, course schedules, and registration information.

Password Management Tool Details

To change your Infor Partner Network account password, setup security questions or reset security questions, follow the steps below:

  • Log onto to the password management tool using your IPN account credentials.
  • Navigate to the password management tab on the site to change your password.
  • Go to the Security Questions to set these up for the first time or to reset them if they are already setup.

If you have previously set up your security questions and have forgotten your password, then you can reset your password by doing the following:
  • Navigate to the password management tool and enter your user name and the capcha text. You will then need to answer the security questions correctly before entering a new password for your Infor Partner Network account
If you have questions regarding the password management tool or issues with the password reset process, then login to Infor Xtreme and select “IPN” for the product code. We will route your question to the right experts.